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People Watching…

I had an hour break in-between my own karate lesson and the kids’ group class today (I’ve been volunteering as a helper at my dojo once a week).  With a growling tummy, I slipped on over to a nearby food chain around the corner and got myself a spicy jalapeno turkey sandwich.  Subway charges a fee to eat in (what the heck??), so I got mine to go and went next door to Starbucks to eat it, where I was practically greeted with a great big hug just for ordering an Awake tea.  Love their customer service.

The temperature outside was about 88 degrees, but cool and breezy under a generously shady tree in their front patio.  A moment of quiet to observe and reflect… and eat.

Just then, a pair of detectives (??) approached the front entrance, straight out of a ’70’s cop show… think The Streets of San Francisco, Hawaii 5-0, Adam-12.  Clean cut, 30-ish with brown suits, boldly striped ties, sensible scuffed loafers and ankle socks.  It was apparent that they did a lot of walking.  For a moment I thought they might be religious recruiters, but I changed my mind when they refused to make eye contact with anyone and carefully glanced over their shoulders in all directions before entering the store — very Get Smart.  I thought something was about to go down, but then they came back outside with orange juice and cookies, found a table, and became engaged in a heated conversation about some actor being on the cover of GQ way too many times.

A moment later a 50-ish woman dressed in short-short hot pants, a too-tight tank top and strange fuzzy pumps approached the front door and tied her dog’s leash to a table leg.  The dog was small, sleek and black, and matched her peculiarity with a spiky collar and leash.  There was a quick blur of activity as I asked “Is your dog friendly?” and reached to pet him, just as she said “Oh, sure” but was now taking a call on her cell phone and didn’t seem to notice that his teeth were headed for my foot.  I pulled away just in time and consoled myself with my tea.

I got ready to leave and looked up to see two very well-built, shirtless, 20-something men, hairy-chested and unshaved, make their way across the patio.  One of them was wearing SpongeBob SquarePants boxers, which were bursting out over the top of his jeans. – Patty


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