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The Grateful Spider Hike…

This is what you missed today… my very first “Meet & Greet” with a tarantula.  That’s my friend Becky’s hand in the 2nd photo, trying to get the fellow to pose for his close-up. Becky said she’s had a few encounters with these in the past, that they’re actually quite gentle.  Too bad there’s no audio — you would have heard me squealing, “OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!!” from behind the camera.  And if Becky wasn’t with me, you most likely would have heard me running in the opposite direction.

Our tarantula encounter took place while hiking along Garcia Trail in Azusa.  On our way back, we came upon this 15-foot graffiti-covered cross, which overlooked a panoramic view of the valley, and had a mailbox attached to it containing a well-worn notebook filled with luminous prose, and various other written artifacts… even a letter tucked inside a Band-Aid box.  There were spiritual and philosophical writings, sometimes prayers… and lots of gratitude.  So I’ve decided to name it Gratitude Cross… let’s see if the name catches on…  — Patty

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