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I was out for a walk and the sun was warm, and I tried to remember why I don’t do this more often.  Then I rounded a corner and passed by a very happy group of violets snuggling together in their bed, and I made a promise to myself (for the millionth time) that I wouldn’t forget how great this felt. Then I heard a playful growl, and saw a pair of handsome eyes staring out from behind a fence.  It’s a good thing his tail was attached to his body because he could have lost it with all the wagging going on.  He stuck his wet nose out at me and let me pet him, but then he’d had enough of that, and instead grabbed a bone he’d been chewing on and teased me with it.  Somehow I wrestled it from him and threw it as far as I could, and he brought it back so he could tease me some more.  After a few more throws he was bored, so he laid down and pressed his body against the fence so I’d pet him again.  A few days later I walked that same route, but the dog wasn’t there… and I missed him. — Patty

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