Conversational journeys over cups of chai, at home and abroad.

Welcome Home!

PATTY: Alyssa arrived home from Tanzania a few weeks ago.  I picked her up from my mom’s on a Monday afternoon and we hit Chado first thing.

ALYSSA: Chado was just as I remembered it.  Great food, great tea, and great conversation with my tia.

PATTY: Afterward, we headed straight to the grocery store for some more tea provisions.

ALYSSA: As if one tea time wasn’t enough, we decided that during my short visit we would have tea and all the fixings again and again.  A true indulgence to welcome me home.

PATTY: A few hours later, I was hungry again.

ALYSSA: I wasn’t actually hungry, but am never one to turn down great food.

PATTY: I said, “You realize that we’re having tea again, don’t you?”

ALYSSA: We actually ended up having 3 full tea times within a 48 hour period…

PATTY: … and did lots of catching up.

ALYSSA: But the whole time it felt like I had never been gone.  We easily fell back into the good food, fun conversation, and drinking so much tea that I got the shakes.  It sure is good to be home!

PATTY: Yeah, and I got some really cool souvenirs as well!  A beaded African spoon, a tin of delicious black tea with some traditional Middle Eastern teacups and saucers to enjoy it in, and a really interesting book about life in Tanzania called In Our Village. For more info about that, check our Reading page.

FAVORITE QUOTE OVER TEA, PATTY TO ALYSSA: “One day you may become famous.  If you do, remember who you are right this minute. And don’t become a little f@#ker.”  This was in regards to separate incidents that we’d both had with celebrity run-ins over the past year, in different parts of the globe.

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