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Angel’s Flight Adventure

What Alyssa taught me today:  A Los Angeles Metro adventure can be had for $6.00 round trip, $1.80 for seniors (unlimited stops) — plus a few bucks for lunch.

My mom and I met Alyssa at Union Station, quickly wolfed down a cinnamon Wetzel’s Pretzel, and then caught the Red Line to Angel’s Flight.   I’ve wanted to check this out since it re-opened back in 1996.  I waited and missed my window of opportunity when it closed after an accident in 2001… but I’m happy to report that it re-opened again in 2010.

It’s really neat, very old-fashioned and nestled in-between several skyscrapers.  We rode it up the hill, then stumbled upon The Museum of Contemporary Art — where we were granted free admission for President’s Day. Most striking to me was the sculpture outside the museum, constructed from spent airplane pieces.  Probably not an encouraging sight for this phobic flyer, but impressive just the same.

From there we wandered across the street through Grand Central Market, and then headed east two blocks to Pete’s Cafe and Bar.  The mac & cheese was fantastic.  So was the grilled cheese sandwich.  And the tomato basil soup.  Oh, and the apple and walnut salad.  And I think there were some french fries thrown in there as well.

We waddled down Main Street, and evidently we hadn’t eaten quite enough because we had to try some Big Man Bakes cupcakes.  Yum!!  I wanted to just peek inside and see the big man in action, but then once I saw the cupcakes I had to treat everybody.  We never saw the big man.

Pershing Square was next.  From there we hopped back on the Metro and made a stop in Chinatown.  A little shopping was in order.  Did you know you can get 12 pairs of cotton socks for $6.00?  Quite a bargain.

We Metro-ed home, and there was talk of another trip in a few weeks.  We’ll keep you posted. — Patty

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