Conversational journeys over cups of chai, at home and abroad.


My fellow blogger, aunt, and chai-aholic Patty kicks butt. Enough said. She really does kick butt, working towards her black belt in karate, which she decided to take up only over the past couple of years. She is 40-something, I think. I actually don’t know, but that’s because to me as the years go by I feel like we become closer in age. Her always staying at about 35, and me fast approaching in a frightening way. She is a creative soul, designing websites, newsletters, and afternoons perfectly planned around all things tea. She is a great friend, and on my travels I’m often missing my tia. Patty is currently working in the graphics department at a television network in Los Angeles. — Alyssa

Alyssa is who I want to be when I finally grow up.  Her fearless, adventurous spirit guides her all over the world to reside in far-off exotic locations, while her generous and loving personality enable her to easily adapt to ever-changing cultures and situations along the road.  She has chosen an advanced educational path and career having to do with word pairings I can barely pronounce, like “marine biology” and “sustainable development.”  On her time off, she frequently e-mails me from interesting corners of the world, like Morocco, American Samoa or Namibia, describing various slices of her life, such as an event she had recently attended with foreign diplomats, or cutting the rug with a head of state; scuba diving in tropical places, or spotting an elephant while on safari. Pretty cool, eh?  Alyssa is currently hard at work at an environmental NGO in Tanzania, coordinating an international volunteer program. — Patty